Welcome, I’m Andrew Daniel Bridge, reared a Methodist in the North East.

Methodism has worn off a bit now and I live in Brighton, but I’ve retained a hearty singing voice and can still ride donkeys.

I enjoy comedy and acting and thought I’d do some.

I’m writing lots of new stuff this year to perform live and record for my own show;

AART (Pleasance / 3rd-28th Aug) written with my simmeringly handsome friend Jay Moy – it’s a very serious examination of what happens when you go a bit mad with one very real (in my head) character and then make 60 other people get involved – contains volcanos, plasticine and an arse crack. COMMUNITY MATTERS (Monkey Cellar / 3rd-16th Aug) with my leggy blonde friend the high-altitude chat-master David Edwards (Gittens to Know You) is again a deeply probing piece on mental stability and it’s glaring absence from modern life – a dead owl and some over sincere singing thrown in. My mysterious glittery friend, the effervescent, multi faceted Colin Hoult and I are also hitting the road with his latest work SKETCH SHOW FOR DEPRESSIVES which is not for me to comment on, but certainly throws the human psyche on the rocks and exhaustively smashes it around in the name of comedic excellence. It’s on at Macfest Comedy Fest and this August at the Pleasance Edinburgh.

Oh and Dave and I are hosting an off-grid smoothie festival in Kent, worth it alone to see the naked David without his sofa and Canderel.

Please have a moochy cruisey around this virtual vanity project of a site and get in touch if you need lots of money,  Andy x

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