aart with mikey



  • Broadway Baby

    “Life affirming and very entertaining”

    ★★★★ Broadway Baby

    - Broadway Baby
  • Three Weeks

    “Surprising profundity + endless giggles”

    ★★★★ Three Weeks

    - Three Weeks
  • Short Com

    “Bob Ross on acid vs Look Around You”

    ★★★★ Short Com

    - Short Com
  • The Skinny

    “Any show that makes me laugh, feel good about myself and leave my nostrils filled with that reassuring smell of plasticine is just about the greatest anything ever”

    ★★★★ The Skinny

    - The Skinny
  • Barry Ferns, Angel Comedy

    “Hilarious, totally recommended!”

    - Barry Ferns, Angel Comedy

Andrew Bridge is an Actor / Performer / Voiceover Artist based in Brighton.

He is a regular collaborator with Colin Hoult (Derek/Murder in Successville) and Dave Edwards (Gittens to Know You), performs regularly as Mikey the Aartist in his one man show AART and his improv group KEITH. He has appeared on Radio 2 – Chesney Bentings Mysteries, Ch 4 – Vic and Bob’s ‘Lucky Sexy Winners’ and is represented by Harter Allen.

In 2016 he will be appearing at Brighton + Hastings Fringe, Macfest with Colin Hoult, hosting the Innocent Festival, Kent and The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe. Check the dates page for further details.